Professional Development...

...but not as you know it!

Spoiler alert:
Most of what we do isn’t by the book!

Our Approach


With both Edwards and Pearce Recruitment and Edwards and Pearce Development on hand to help, not only can you recruit the right people, you can empower and engage them as well. 

Two key factors help us excel at developing individuals and teams:

1: We’re seasoned pros, who genuinely enjoy developing people
Everyone at Edwards and Pearce Development has spent years in operational leadership roles prior to joining our Development Team. Hard years spent overcoming the challenges of performing and growing in very different situations, means we are perfectly placed to help you and your team engage, perform, innovate, and grow in ways that work spectacularly well for everyone involved.
It also helps that we love what we do!

2: We’re a Packtypes® Licenced Solution Provider

Which allows up to deliver outstanding Packtypes based development solutions and gives us direct access to:
•    Will Murray, Founder of Packtypes, to help us design and implement world leading empowerment and engagement solutions for our clients.
•    The most up to date thinking and solutions coming out of Packtypes, meaning we are always ahead in the performance improvement game.
•    Packtypes Digital, allowing us to integrate Packtypes Professional Packs and Packtypes Digital into our performance improvement solutions.

Years of people and team development experience has proved to us that Packtypes is the most intuitive, playful and hands on approach to learning about yourself and other people, available anywhere on the market. Professionally implemented, Packtypes delivers a level of self and social awareness and performance improvement that before the advent of Packtypes, was totally unattainable.  

•    Equipes, empowers and engages teams and organisations. 
•    Helps everyone in your team or organisation understand themselves and each other.
•    Gets teams talking openly together about the things that really.
•    Encourages everyone to own and manage their development.
•    Unites whole teams and organisations around a compelling purpose.
•    Transforms individual, team and organisational performance.
•    Delivers long term, sustainable competitive advantage. 

If you’re yet to experience Packtypes, come and talk to us and we’ll soon get you trying it for yourself. 

Packtypes is delivered under Licence from Friendly Publishing Ltd. 



Our Difference

Our training delivers sustainable advantage

Too much training simply ‘ticks boxes’ and achieves little sustainable performance improvement. This is why we have flipped the whole development process on its head. 

Here at Edwards and Pearce we deal with the causes of poor performance, not the symptoms. We focus on individual and team empowerment and engagement, to ensure that everyone on your team is committed and contributing. When we support you, your team will keep performing and growing, years after we’ve stopped working with you.

Because our solutions are more cost effective than other solutions, it is entirely viable to train ‘everyone’ in your organisation, not just the fortunate few. To put this into context, the latest Government statistics indicate that across the UK, 40% of workers currently receive no DEVELOPMENT at all and that most of the training that is delivered, is just task focused and not designed to enhance attitude, teamwork, engagement and performance. 

Our funded development programmes

Our Pillars of Growth

Recognising and Valuing Difference (RVD)

RVD underpins self-awareness, self-esteem, confidence, cooperation, communication, tolerance and resilience and Packtypes is the best tool in the world with which to equip people to RVD. Individuals and teams properly equipped to recognise and value difference not only perform better but feel better. To quote Will and Packtypes; this is social fitness in action!

Empowerment and Growth Mindset

Organisations and people need to be open minded and embrace change as it happens. This ‘growth mindset’ creates a culture of confidence, accountability and resilience. Get this right and trust flourishes leaving no room for barriers, problems or risks; only opportunities!

Because our solutions are usually Packtypes based, you can afford to develop and support everyone in your team or organisation, meaning no one is left behind to slow your growth and productivity down.


Our Solutions

Our Packtypes empowered, individual and group development solutions help people unlock the potential in themselves and others empowering each person to seek innovative ways forward.

  • Team Building
  • Change and Culture
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Personal Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Graduate Development
  • Short Courses - Energy boosts!
    • Establishing new teams.
    • Re-energising existing teams (especially post pandemic).
    • Effective project team working.


    • Leading by example. Inspiring, energising, and uniting leadership teams. 
    • Organisational empowerment and engagement programmes.
    • Talent Mapping – Understanding and developing your talent base.
    • Succession planning.
    • Performance conversations, reviews, one to ones and appraisals.
    • Workplace observation training.
    • Conflict resolution.
    • 360° reviews.
    • Personal development planning.
    • Leaders of the future - Single modules or full provision.
    • Established leaders - Single modules or full provision.
    • 2mth leadership programme exploring what it is to be a Value Based Leader.
    • Supporting parental leave and re-boarding.
    • Outplacement, re-structure and restoration (for those left behind after the ordeal)
    • Executive coaching and mentoring.
    • HR Mentoring for companies without and HR team or those progressing in their HR career.
    • Menopause support.
    • Single modules through to comprehensive graduate development programmes.
    • Graduate mentoring.
  • Short Sharp Energy Boosts!

    2 hour workshops to inspire and engage your key people.
    Starting from £500 + Packtypes Packs + VAT

    • Increased self and social awareness (Social Literacy). 
    • Empowerment in action.
    • Establishing shared expectations.
    • Increased collaboration.
    • Workplace wellbeing.
    • Effective communication.
    • Fostering innovation, creativity and problem solving.
    • Midlife Crossroads.

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Our Team


We are an experienced bunch of committed and motivated learners. We all love learning ourselves and this love of learning is a big part of what helps us inspire others to learn and grow.

Everyone in the team has operational experience, leading and delivering outside of L&D. We understand life at the coal face and this is what motivates us to help others succeed and achieve their full potential.

Our belief is that learning is about inspiring a healthy, positive mindset and can-do attitude, not just qualifications or academia. This is why we inspire what we refer to as ‘infectious learning’, a revitalising combination of self-motivation, awareness, emotional intelligence and courage.’

Our aspiration is to help you create the kind of organisation that you would want your children to work for.