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For over 20 years our clients keep coming back to us because they trust us to do what is right for them. We’ve grown our entire recruitment and development business on the strength of our valued client relationships and relentlessly investing in  our people to ensure they are able to be the difference our clients tell us they value and appreciate most about working with E&P. 


Recognising that ‘business as usual’ is no longer an option, we have recently acquired a License allowing us to incorporate ‘Packtypes®’ within our ‘Professional Recruitment and Development Services’. We believe ‘Packtypes®’ is the most effective, impactful and people focused development tool available today. With ‘Packtypes®’ in our portfolio we can help you grow and expand your business like never before. Not only that, we have also embedded ‘Packtypes®’ at the heart of our own unique recruitment process, allowing us to open up ever closer and more valuable dialogue with our clients. The better we understand you and your priorities, the better placed we are to help you.
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Our Coaches are Here to Help

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    “I love seeing people with strong, ethical values go above and beyond, thrive in their roles, shine through and inspire others. I was instantly drawn to the team here at E&P when I first met them, because of their focus on adding sustainable value to those we serve; clients and candidates alike. My goal at E&P is to create that ‘Friday Feeling’ everyday”

    Please contact Dan to see how we can help you and to find out more about commercial opportunities!
    Dan King
    Commercial Director
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    “I love what happens when people discover the confidence to take on new challenges. That moment when the engine fires, lightbulbs flash, people discover what makes them tick and realise they have what it takes to really go for it. Communication is key to great teams and creating a culture of empathy and cooperation. By adding our communication and relationships experience to the existing expertise at E&P we believe we offer something new and different to the world of recruitment.”

    Please contact Felicity to see how we can help you and to find out more about our Leadership Programmes and Espresso Shots!
    Felicity King
    Director of Development

E&P Internal Opportunities

We believe employing people is a privilege and that's why we measure our success on our ability to create an environment where our people can thrive. If you're looking for a place to be yourself, develop and be successful then we would love to hear from you. Click here for our latest opportunities or simply be in touch to introduce yourself.

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