LOL - Love of Learning

LOL - Love of Learning


Successful study and revision are driven by our MOTIVATION which in term is determined by our own unique preferences. Everyone of us has a different profile of preferences and if we understand that better, the whole process of studying and preparing for exams is much easier and more effective. There’s more bang for your study buck. Here are some different personal attributes and top tips to get the most from your study time.

Curious & Creative people love jumping from one idea to the next and can find it hard to follow instructions and concentrate. The key here is taking some time to break a topic down so you have a clear picture of where it’s going. Then you need time and space to work things out for yourself, in your own way. You will do this better on your own and in short bursts rather than long periods of study. This will ensure to fire your imagination.

Facts & Figures people are most at home reading and researching with a natural interest in subjects like maths and science. You are likely to have a long attention span and a good memory. The key for you is to be pushed and challenged to ensure you access material that might not seem valuable straight away. Think of this as going beyond the basics to add examples and description to your core information. Think about layering your learning so you start with what’s obvious to you and add the detail and depth afterwards.

People People are at home listening to and caring for others. As a result you are motivated by praise and recognition and this takes effort when studying on your own and can mean you become stuck in your ways, afraid of taking risks and trying new things. First and foremost you must study with others so you can connect, talk and listen. Study groups are a must. Focus on using these relationships to ask more questions, compare your answers and push yourself to ensure you have thought outside the box to really bring your learning to life.

Competitive & Ambitious people like to know where they sit on the leader board and use this to aim higher in all they do. This is a great trait but can mean you are so focussed on the win, you leave a trail of destruction behind you. Put simply your fight is bigger than your might! Harness your energy by making sure you have clear personal goals set by your teachers and tutors, rather than always comparing yourself to others. Break your study projects down into what success looks like for you and create small rewards along the way such as social events or sports activities. This way you will develop yourself in your own race.

Want to understand yourself better?

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